VD-75Y X Ray

VM-75Y Portable X-ray Machines

Product features:
● Light weight and small volume,Compact ,convenient to use
● Low radiation, NO special protection,use safety
● Without the darkroom, direct laparoscopy,instant watch lively
● Connecting computers by USB
● High resolution,image clear

output image size 105mm×75mm
span ≤320mm
resolution ≥20LP/cm
image luminance >200lm
tube voltage 45—90kv
tube current 0.25—0.5mA
stand-position protection area ≤1mGy/h
weight 5kg
power consumption ≤200w
power supply 220v50Hz

● Widely used in hospital orthopedics,micro surgical, the bone reset,etc
● The wounded processing recovery exam
● The zoo,farm,pet hospital on animal inspection
● The experiment,scientific research,teaching and the use of engineering
● Rare herbal foreign body detection
● Industrial products nondestructive testing
● Public security
● Other application fields 

Product Description


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