VD-75Y X-Ray

VD-50A portable X ray machine


        Field of vision                 Φ50mm

        Thickness of object inspected                ≤300mm

        Tube Voltage range           45~75KV continuous & adjustable  

        Tube Voltage tolerance              ±10%

        Tube current range           0.25~0.5mA continuous & adjustable

        Focus position and
reference axis tolerance               ±1

        Tube current tolerance                ±20%

        Image pixels                ≥40lp/cm

        Gray scale                 ≥7

        Contrast           4%

        brightness                     ≥25cd/m2

        X ray leakage                1.0mGy/h

        Temp                 10oC~40oC

        Relative humidity                 ≤75%

        Air pressure                  700hpa~1060hpa
Power supply

        Voltage                 AC220V

  Frequency                 50Hz±1Hz

        Input power                 ≤200W

       Resistance maximum allowable      0.5Ω

        Over current  Releaser       1 A


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